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Spécialiste de Support Client Niveau 1 H/F

Le spécialiste de support client agit au premier niveau de contact entre les clients et notre unité de services managés. Il va une double responsabilité: de surveiller les environnements clients et de detecter les incidents, mais aussi de recevoir les requêtes des clients et de lancer le processus de support. Responsabilités et fonctions Effectue la


Software Specialist

Design and develop innovative solutions that meet business needs with respect to functionality, performance, scalability, reliability, realistic implementation schedules, system architecture, and adherence to development goals and principles. On-going research on related technologies and functions based on project needs. Within a Team Lead in all team meetings related to planning, work breakdown structure, estimations, retrospectives


Support Officer

IT technical support officers monitor and maintain the computer systems and networks of an organization. They may install and configure computer systems, diagnose hardware and software faults and solve technical and applications problems, either over the phone or in person. Depending on the size of the organization, a technical support officer’s role may span one


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This methodology requires the most effort to implement but it results in the most optimised recurring cost and will provide the best scalability for apps. This involves re-adapting the code of applications and the heavy use of SAAS solutions in order to replace existing hosted applications.


This method utilizes the power of  PAAS services, like transferring a database to an as-a-service model,  the use of containers for some apps or the use of network/security functions as a service. Greater scalability and lower cost of operation is achieved.

Re-Host (Lift & Shift)

the migration of workloads from  to the cloud without changing the architecture. Machines get to keep their  OS and apps. This is the quickest and easy way to migrate, but since its  utilising IAAS, its is also the most expensive on the long term.